Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Scrum in day to day life

We all keep hearing about the agile and scrum in IT industry and we do implement it in various projects to make the life simpler. Scrum is gaining popularity in people’s day to day life. On the similar lines there is a very good initiative Scrum in Schools that actually teaches the scrum process to school kids. Long term vision is to cultivate the habit so that they take it forward to their entire life whether it is college or the organization they join to solve the complex problem in agile way.

There is free training available from Scrum Alliance which can be used by teachers or other professionals who are involved in training/coaching others. Very helpful for individual contributors also.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Windows Azure on premise hosting

Microsoft recently added a new product in its windows azure suit known as ‘windows azure platform appliances’. It is combination of hardware + software almost like a black box which allows you to host the windows azure on premise. This contains Windows azure and SQL azure plus hundreds of thousands of servers. The game plan looks like they companies will not be able to customize the azure installations and will use this as it is.
This will allow you to install your application in your own cloud, your partners cloud or on cloud offering hosted in Microsoft data centers. It opens lot of new opportunities for big players like Dell to provide new cloud based offering.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

All new development webserver : IIS Express

Recently Microsoft announced its all new development web server named IIS Express (though it’s not available for download as of now). This will replace the old buddy built-in visual studio web server known as “cassini”.

IIS express will give you all the powerful features for IIS in visual studio itself like SSL, URL Rewrite, Media Support, and all other IIS 7.x modules. Most probably this will be available with a patch for VS 2010.

For more details follow this