Friday, June 15, 2012

TFS Process template customization

Anyone who is using TFS must have used or at least heard about terminologies like work item, product backlog , Iteration backlog, team queries, classifications (areas and iterations).

 Ever wondered how it works?  Behind every team project that gets created in TFS there is a process template which need to be set up at the time of creating a team project, this templates specifies default classifications (areas and iterations), default security groups and permissions, work item types and default work items, queries, reports, version control settings and portal content.

Currently MSF for Agile development 5.0 is available out of box in TFS 2010 , which can been further customized to your unique needs.  Below are the latest customizations in that series
1)      We’ve added custom “UserStory ID” for user story type of WorkItem, hence no need to add prefix against title for every user story. These will help in better tracking of user stories against Contour (Requirement management tool used for one of our projects) as well as allow grouping and sorting based on user story ID’s.
2)      We’ve also added a new section “Tracking” against user stories, this will help tracking user story start date, finish date and its CI delivery.  These will also enable single-click reports of daily delivery of user stories to QA on CI (Continuous Integration) moving forward.

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